About Us

Open Source Shooting Sports (OS-3) is a small grassroots organization focused on providing an alternative, ethics-driven environment for firearms owners that want their voice to be heard.  Though we are trained with self-defense in mind and some of us are CCW instructors, our primary focus is on recreational target sports.  

Run by a team of firearms instructors, hunters, competitors, gunsmiths, and firearms enthusiasts, our mission is to leave a positive impact on society free of any singular political alignment.

We foster collaboration and empathetic dialogue around the subject of the guns in today’s culture.


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  1. […] Since classes ended this spring, I have been in Northern California helping my newly-widowed mother and celebrating a landmark birthday for my oldest sister. I haven’t had too many free days in my schedule, but as luck has it, one of them coincided with a very interesting shooting event presented by a new organization, Open Source Shooting Sports (OS3). […]